Author David McAfee at Kennewick Barnes and Noble June 22nd.

 The Tri-City Freethinkers in partnership with Barnes & Noble are having David McAfee speak and sign books on June 22nd.

Here are links to David’s books:


McAfee is an outspoken atheist who opposes biblical literalism. He is a columnist for Canadian Freethinker Magazine and a contributor to American Atheist Magazine. As a result of his atheist activism, he was rejected by a public university from entering its religious studies graduate program. His first published book, Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings, is a critique of biblical literalism. McAfee’s newest title, Mom, Dad, I’m an Atheist, is a guide to living as an atheist in a society that’s largely intolerant of disbelief.

This program is being sponsored by Recovering from Religion: Tri-Cities Chapter, the Tri-City Freethinkers and Barnes & Noble


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