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If you can, more power to you.


One of the most important things is just the way that the actual parts of the diamond look.

I've held some really nice VS stones, the right color, the right cut, that actually hit and blinged just the same way that a set of VVS stones will.

Another important thing will be the setting, because the setting is one of the things that will make the diamond bring out the fire.

So, the best replica watches since these stones are not being set in a situation where there's light coming in through the back of the stone, you're gonna want a good quality setting.

You don't want some of these.

Some of these diamond watches out there, have been set by a 5-year old in a basement with a chisel and a jackhammer.

That's just my opinion.

You want something that's really done with quality and it's done with patience and not in a rush;

because, at the end of the day, yes factory set diamond watches are worth more money, but if you're gonna get an aftermarket set, you don't necessarily need it to be VVS, but you do need a nice setting.

Setting is very important when it comes to a full diamond watch.

Another thing when selecting a bling watch is, you're gonna notice that you have the options at time of either getting the full-pave set face or the standard face.

That's best imitation watches really just up to your opinion.

For example, this 5980 in two-tone that's fully completely iced out here.

I've seen it before with the stock, blue dial and it's nice, replica iwc watch but I can't help but to say that it looks nicer with the full-pave dial.

So that's something you're gonna wanna think about when you're getting it, because a lot of times when these watches have a full pave dial, the dial is gonna be after-market as well.

Is that a problem for me? Absolutely not.

This is already a full custom watch.

It's just like those brand new Mercedes that you see out there that are fully customed out.

They've just been personalized.